Online Training on Professional Android Application Development

Course At A Glance
Date : 15 Aug – 15 Sep 2020
No. of Classes/ Sessions : 12
Total Hours : 24
Last Date of Registration : 14 Aug 2020
Class Schedule :
Saturday – 8:30 PM – 10:30 PM
Monday – 8:30 PM – 10:30 PM
Wednesday – 8:30 PM – 10:30 PM
Venue : Training will be conducted through online.

Price: TK. 5,000

Instructor: Zakaria Bin Abdur Rouf | MS in IT – Dhaka University | BS in CS – AIUB | ITIL Expert | Android Developer
More than 30 Android Apps published in Google Play Store
Bangla Bornomala App: More than 1,00,000 downloads. Link:

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Course Outline :

1.     Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concept in JAVA

  • Learn how to create Class and its Object
  • Learn how class properties are initialized with parameterized Constructor
  • Learn why should we overload Constructors
  • Learn Collections in Java, why they are more useful than Arrays
  • Learn Inheritance, why do we need Inheritance, relationship between a Super Class and a Child Class
  • Learn Method Overriding – Simplify your code with Run Time Polymorphism
  • Learn design principles – Abstract Classes and Methods, Singleton Class with factory method, the magic of ‘static’ and ‘final’
  • Learn Interface and its implementations, the most powerful channel to connect unrelated components.

2.      Introduction to Android

  • Android SDK and Platform specification, various SDK versions
  • Android Studio – the most powerful and smartest IDE
  • Learn how Android projects are structured
  • Learn how Design and Logic parts are separated to build a scalable and extendable project
  • Manifest and other Resource files
  • Learn how Android projects are built with a powerful build tool – Gradle.

3.     User Interface and Navigation 

  • Learn how to design your app screens with Layouts and Widgets
  • Learn how to handle Events like Click and Touch
  • Learn how to design effective navigation
  • Learn how to create swipe views with Tab, like the Phone app in your smart phone.
  • Learn how to create Menu, Pop up Dialogs and custom Dialogs.
  • Learn how to create Searching Interface, search anything with suggestions.
  • Learn how to create Notifications, send direct reply through Notification like any messaging application.

4.     Activity 

  • Learn different states of an Activity, how activities are affected during its lifecycle.
  • Learn how to hold states / data within the activity, handle situations like configuration changes (Portrait to Landscape and vice versa).
  • Learn how to pass data from one activity to another.
  • Learn how to interact with other applications.
  • Learn how to create an App which can Call/Dial a number, send an SMS or view a website by using pre-built applications.
  • Learn how to launch Camera from your app, take picture, scale down and display.

5.      Background Job 

  • Learn how to create worker thread to do heavy / long running tasks.
  • Learn how to download an image, show progress in a ProgressBar using AsyncTask API.
  • Learn how to GET and POST data from remote server using Web APIs, learn how Retrofit can optimize your network operation by doing tasks asynchronously.
  • Learn how to play Music in background using Service. Learn why Intent Service is more efficient for tasks which you want to be done for once.
  • Learn how to start a task after your phone has completed its Boot Operation.
  • Learn how to check if your phone is connected to a network. You may also be interested in getting the incoming number, battery status of your phone.
  • Learn how to pass data to different applications.

6.   Storage 

  • Learn how to save data inside your app database, query any data, update and delete information from database.
  • Learn how to save your login session (you don’t have to login every time you launch your app).
  • Learn how to create and manage Firebase Cloud Real Time Database.
  • Learn how to register / login using Firebase Authentication. Learn how to sign in with Google.
  • Learn how to put any file on Firebase Cloud Storage.

7.       Google Play Services

  • Learn how to load a Map, see your current location on Map, add Markers to Map.
  • Learn how to search nearby locations like restaurants, cafes etc and show them to Map. Learn how to filter your search.
  • Learn how to calculate distance between two locations.
  • Learn how to show direction on Map between two locations. You can also get alternative routes, travel time for driving, walking, bicycling etc.
  • Learn how to convert Latitude/Longitude to street address and vice versa using Geocoding and reverse Geocoding API.
  • Learn how to get notified automatically when you check in a certain place.

8.      Test Application

You will be shown a step by step process of creating a simple Real Life Application.