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How can I earn money today?

To earn money you have first learn what is earning. It is a process where you get money from someone in exchange of a service. A service can be anything. It can be simple as an advise or it can be a shipment of a multi billion goods. Earning requires you to have the right

Bijoy to Unicode Online

If you are one of the people who still want to write in Avro but you find that you are given a document written in Bijoy, you are not alone. But, wait. You can convert the Bijoy text to Unicode text by just copying and pasting in the below website. I found it useful. You

What is a Cash Receipt?

In this busy world, we seldom receive money from our friends, family or company. As an acknowledgement,  we usually write the amount and the purpose of the received payment which is known as cash receipt. Often we write it on a paper or print it using a format. It is a record that is used