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Laravel Basics

Install Composer Install WAMP c:\wamp64\www>composer create-project laravel/laravel helloworld Views (C:\wamp64\www\helloworld\resources\views) C:\wamp64\www\helloworld\resources\views\hi.blade.php Routes (C:\wamp64\www\helloworld\routes) C:\wamp64\www\helloworld\routes\web.php Route::get(‘hii’, function () { return view(‘hi’); }); Create a new template file in a new subfolder views\layouts\app.blade.php <html> <head> <title>App Name – @yield(‘title’)</title> </head> <body> @section(‘sidebar’) This is the master sidebar. @show <div class=”container”> @yield(‘content’) </div> </body> </html> Create  a new

Email Essentials

Opening an Email It is an essential thing to have an email address. Create your own email address from any email service provider. Some of the providers are: It is better to create a meaningful email address so it can be recognized by anyone. The best is to combine your first name and

Quran Resources

Below is a list of websites and apps where you can learn more about Quran. Websites Apps