How to generate a key to upload in Google Play Console from a Java Keystore?

Step 1: Open Google Play Console. Click Release management > App Releases. Select Export and upload a key fromĀ  Java Keystore.

Step 2: Install the latest version of java. I have tested with openjdk-20.0.2.

Step 3: Downlaod PEPK tool

Step 4: Open CMD and locate the folder where java.exe is installed.

Step 5: Save the Keystore file (yourkeystore.jks) and encryption public key (filename.pem) in a folder.

Step 6: Run the below command. Replace the java path, alias name, keystore file name and encryption public key file name and enter the password when prompted.

\openjdk-20.0.2\bin\java -jar pepk.jar –keystore=testkeystore.jks –alias=testalias–output=encrypted_private_key_path –rsa-aes-encryption –encryption-key-path=encryption_public_key.pem