What is a Cash Receipt?

In this busy world, we seldom receive money from our friends, family or company. As an acknowledgement,  we usually write the amount and the purpose of the received payment which is known as cash receipt. Often we write it on a paper or print it using a format.

It is a record that is used after a sale of a product or service. It also serves a purpose for any future dispute. You can keep this record to manage the amount of cash you have received over a period of time. It can be daily, monthly or yearly. You can also deposit the amount of cash received into a bank account.

Instead or writing on a piece of paper you can use a dedicated android app which can help you record the amount immediately.

You can download the app for your mobile by clicking on the below link.



  • Free App
  • Easily add details
  • Currency
  • Receiver’s Name
  • Amount
  • Received From

PDF Download: https://www.vertex42.com/Files/pdfs/2/cash-receipt-form.pdf