Top 10 Notes Software Online

Notes are everywhere. From the time I learnt to write, I wrote on papers. I still write on any papers that are big or small. It helps me to remember things and recall things you should remember. Some of the important things to write as notes are grocery list, important  dates, the websites that you need, maybe very long difficult to remember passwords. But do not write passwords in notes. It could fall into wrong hands. Below are some of the websites where I keep my notes. The best notes I like to write is the Windows Notepad. Just run it and type anything. But always save your notes. Otherwise all your important information will be lost.

Very handy and integrated with your Google account. It let’s you write almost everything.¬† The checkbox feature is awesome. I use it to write all the items that I have to buy. The tags are great. You can categorize every tag with a color. It can also record voice, add pictures, link to categories and it syncs automatically. So, even if you change your phone, you will get all your notes in one place.

This is in my second choice. It is good if you love Microsoft Office and it also has great features. I found it a bit slow but the latest versions are pretty good.

Below are some of the link which are good to use. Feel free to check and let me know in the comments if you use or found something better.

This is good if you do not want to create any account or user. It saves data in the cookies of the browser.

It has a clean interface. You can get publish as an web page.

This site reminds me of the real life notepad that I used to have when I was young.