The IT Manager’s Hand Book by Zakaria Bin Abdur Rouf

I am Zakaria and I am working as an IT Manager in a reputed company.

My day-to-day work involves helping people. I feel like a doctor and I look after every problem as a disease and my customers as patients. One of the important thing is to find out the actual cause of any incident. There are many times that we assume that it is working but in reality those are not working.

One golden rule is that, “If something works, dont touch it”. This applies to everything in IT world. There are many times you will encounter a problem that does not make sense. Try to find a similar product that is working and compare the settings among the parameters.

One of the most important thing to manage a network is to have a domain controller. A domain controller can make your life easier. Typically, the domain controller can be installed in a standalone server or in the cloud. In either case, you can have two domain controller. One is for primary and the second is for secondary.