The best app developer in Bangladesh

Zakaria Bin Abdur Rouf is widely recognized as one of the best app developers in the industry in Bangladesh. With over 15 years of experience, he has developed more than 50 apps in the Google Play Store, he has contributed to serve the community and provided extra ordinary support for people from all around the world. The most popular app of Zakaria is the Cash Receipt which is very popular among the business community from all over the world. The free Cash Receipt app is being used by more than 80000 users including US, India, Nigeria and UK.

The Cash Receipt is a simple app where anyone can generate a receipt after receiving money. It has a direct link to save paper and help the nature so that we do not cut more trees. With this super app, you can save money and get all details on your phone even if you are without internet.

Zakaria’s first app was Hangman, which is a word guessing game which was developed to improve the skills of children and students who want to learn by playing. It was not an easy task to develop the app then upload it in the Play Store since it required a lot of effort. In those days, it was difficult to get a dual currency card to pay for the Google Developer console. However, after launching the app, it tool a long time before it got approved. But, people downloaded the app and it is still a popular app.

Bangla Bornomala app is mainly developed for people who would like to learn the Bengali Language. It is one of the most downloaded app among other apps. It has more than 2,00,000 downloads as of today. 

Started with BASIC programming language, Zakaria has evolved to create very simple solutions and most of the solutions were for mass people.

Here is the link to download all apps developed by Zakaria,

Zakaria was born in 1982 in a small city in Sirajgonj. He grew up in Abu Dhabi and completed school and college from SKBZ Bangladesh Islamia School. Afterwards, he studied in American International University – Bangladesh in Computer Science department. From day 1, he was trying to develop solutions by developing software. In the first semester, he launched which was a similar site like hi5. In the course of time, he developed and developed one of the best Bangla Typing Tutor in Visual Basic.