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Being organized is one of the greatest virtue. In this world of information and fast moving era, we seldom get lost in piles of files and we almost forget what to do when. We need some kind of digital assistance in this regard. Microsoft TO DO is one of the software that I found useful and easy to use.

How to download: There are several ways to use the software. You can download the app or use the web version.

App Links:


Web Version:


One of the best thing about this software is that it gets synchronized on your phone as well as other devices or the web. It has a “My Day” feature where you can add or organize the things to do for the current day. You can create any to do list on the go by just clicking and typing the task. You can add notes and also add multiple steps. You can also add attachments and create multiple lists. You can categorize any to do items as important or planned. You can also add other users to add or remove items to the list that means that you can collaborate easily with others. Marking items as completed is easy. You may also delete any task easily.

Have fun and be productive

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