Signboard Android App


An app that will display text using the whole screen area.

First Activity:

  • MainActivity
    • Will show the config window.
    • Text
    • Size
    • Color
    • Blink, Scroll, etc.
    • Display button to show the text
  • DisplayActivity
    • This activity will show the actual display according to the settings

Display given text using whole screen area
● show billing information to the seller
● expose pick-up signboard at the airport
● ask for help in unknown language
● and exclusively for the waterproof devices: “help I can’t swim” 😉

Very simple control
● single tap – swap colors
● double tap – quick exit
● long touch – edit content

Can be used as widget
● each widget carries its own message
● widget’s image shows the text

Can accept requests from other applications, e.g. “Google Translate”
● enter text in your language, choose target language
● activate translation result with single touch
● open menu by button located close to the result
● choose “Share” and select “Signboard”

If you’re programmer, call Signboard from your application with Intent
● acton: SEND
● MIME type: text/plain

Last but not least, this application
● is very small and economically uses system resources
● does not require any permissions
● is ad-free