Payment Voucher App | Create Payment Voucher Easily | Free App

Cash Payment Voucher App is designed to digitally generate cash payment voucher for your vendors and suppliers. You can also use this app to give a voucher to your friend or colleague. You can also record your daily expenses with this easy to use app. It is a standard form used to document a petty cash payment. This app will help you digitally generate cash payment voucher to anyone in very easy steps.

Are you facing a problem to print expensive printed cash payment voucher? Do you like to instantly generate receipt voucher from your mobile phone? Are you tired of remembering how much you have paid to whom? We have a clear and easy solution by presenting you a very easy to use app.

The app has the following features:

– Date and Time of Receipt (Auto)
– Unique ID
– Paid to
– Amount with Multi-Currency
– Purpose/Description
– List all Payment Voucher
– Void or Delete Payment Voucher
– Select Method of Payment (Cash/Credit Card/MFS/…)
– View SMS
– Add company details
– Add company logo
– Printing option to any printer

Payment Voucher can be saved in Image format or send via SMS or Email.