Password remember software for windows | KeePass Password Safe | Review

Today, we have to remember different kinds of passwords. Every website has a password. Every email requires a password. Are you tired of remembering these passwords? Are you using the same password over and over again which can be a big threat to yourself if someone finds out one password?

I have been using KeePass Password Safe software for quite some time and I am happy with it. It does what it says. Some of the features that I found useful.

  • It asks for a master password to manage your passwords. Make sure you remember this password.
  • There is a tree on the left side after you log in. It has a tree-like category system so you can keep passwords in a hierarchical manner.
  • The password field is usually not visible But you can click on it to reveal.
  • Best part is you can just copy and the password will remain in the clipboard for few seconds so you can copy password without looking at it.
  • It is free and so far I found it does not distribute passwords over the internet which means it is safe to use.

You can download it from the below link:

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