MikroTik Simple Queue Script – Add All IP

As a network administrator, you may need to create queue for all IP which will limit the internet usage for a particular router. For this the below command is very handy and easy to use.

:for x from= 1 to= 254 do={/queue simple add name=”queue-$x” max-limit=1M/1M target=”192.168.24.$x”}

Open the New Terminal from Winbox and type the above command. This command will create a list of queue with the numbering queue-1, queue-2 and so on and will assign 1M  upload max limit and 1 M download max limit.

Note: Make sure you type the double quotes manually because if you copy from the website, it may not work.

This is very useful if you would like to know which IP is taking the most bandwidth in a network.

Hope you find the above script useful. For any Mikrotik related issues you can send us an email or raise a ticket at www.fastbikri.com/itsupport