Learning to build apps in Android | Start building and selling Apps | Zakaria Bin Abdur Rouf

Welcome to my page dedicated to all individuals who would like to build their own apps and distribute to others. I will try to give you a guideline on how to start and show some of the tips and techniques.

To look at what I have developed over the last 1-2 years, click on the below link.


If you find the resources useful, I might create a course so that it may benefit a lot of people.

Currently, I am developing a puzzle 15 app which is a very popular board game and found that I needed to generate multiple size of the same image so it looks good at different devices. I would like to share the below link which will help you to generate such images in seconds.


Chapter 1 – Getting Started

What do you need to get started? You need a good desktop with a powerful processor and at least 8 GB of RAM. You should also have sufficient hard disk space at least 100 GB in C drive. The monitor needs to be wide enough as there will be lots of windows which you need to keep open.

The first step is to download the Android Studio. Click on the below link to download the appropriate setup.


Google Play Console – This is the place where you manage all your apps.