How to convert your website into a professional Android App?

We all love to have a cool Android app in our mobile phones. Especially, if you have a business you are most likely to have a website. Nowadays most of the websites are responsive which means that the website will run seamlessly in any device whether it is a laptop, desktop, tablet or phone.

Responsive websites can be converted into an Android App very easily. The benefit of having an app is that it is a very useful tool that will help your customer to visit your website more often. It will have a cool icon and sit on the screen of your customers. The technology behind the app is that it will be using webview to load the website. A webview is a component which acts like a browser.

Developing an app can be very frustrating and very expensive. If you would like to do it yourself you need to learn programming languages and also go through several iterations only to have the app in the Play Store.

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