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USSD Code of GP (GrameenPhone)

USSD Code of GP (Grameenphone) Name Grameenphone Balance Check *566# Show Sim Number *2# or *111*8*2# Package Check *111*7*2# or Type P Send to 4444 Minute Check *566*24# and *566*13# SMS Check *566*2# VSMS Check *566*13# MMS Check *566*14# Data (MB) Check *566*10# Send Voice SMS *Desire Number FnF Set: *111*2*1*2# Show FnF no. *111*2*1*1#

Bangla Bornomala – The Best Bengali Alphabet and Number Learning App for Everyone.

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Math Games

Download Now: Math Games is a great and exciting game for everyone from kids to adults. It is a very easy game where you can train and challenge yourself and others to test your ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Kids can learn and at the same time have fun while playing with the

Android Resources

How to change color of alternate rows | Recyclerview | Android Solution to WARNING: Configuration ‘compile’ is obsolete and has been replaced with ‘implementation’ and ‘api’.