HTML CLeaner

There are many occations where you get a piece of html code and you want to clean the html to get the desired text content. For example, if you want to list a menu in word document from a website site, you can just copy the html and paste it in a html cleaner service and

Laravel Basics

Install Composer Install WAMP c:\wamp64\www>composer create-project laravel/laravel helloworld Views (C:\wamp64\www\helloworld\resources\views) C:\wamp64\www\helloworld\resources\views\hi.blade.php Routes (C:\wamp64\www\helloworld\routes) C:\wamp64\www\helloworld\routes\web.php Route::get(‘hii’, function () { return view(‘hi’); }); Create a new template file in a new subfolder views\layouts\app.blade.php <html> <head> <title>App Name – @yield(‘title’)</title> </head> <body> @section(‘sidebar’) This is the master sidebar. @show <div class=”container”> @yield(‘content’) </div> </body> </html> Create  a new