How to generate sitemap for your website?

Generating Sitemap is very important for your website. Instead of writing each link by hand, use the below sites to generate the sitemap easily and quickly. What is a sitemap? A sitemap is a file where you provide information about the website pages, videos, and other files on your website, and the relationships between them.

Service Management & ITIL

The first time I learned about ITIL when I was working in Etihad Airways. It gives you a complete guidelines on how to manage IT services. The concepts are not limited to IT but it can be used in every industry. Service is everywhere and managing it requires a level of expertise. Everyone does the

I want to create a website.

Creating a website is very simple. Once I went to a client to show him get his website requirements. He said that even his 10 years old son can design a great website. Since, you made up your mind that you want to create that multi million dollar website, I will guide you to fulfill

How can I earn money today?

To earn money you have first learn what is earning. It is a process where you get money from someone in exchange of a service. A service can be anything. It can be simple as an advise or it can be a shipment of a multi billion goods. Earning requires you to have the right